Hire Equipment - DJ, Disco, Band and Event Equipment Hire

Party Sound System Hire - Your music from your Laptop or Phone
Party Sound System Hire - Your music from your Laptop or Phone

Party Sound Systems

These packages are everything you need to hire, to play music from your ipod, phone or laptop, at your party!

Pioneer CDJ & DJM systems for hire
Pioneer CDJ & DJM Systems for Hire

Pioneer CDJ & DJM Hire

Pioneer are the standard for DJs across the world! We offer a wide range of Pioneer CDJ CD, USB and RekordBox compatible DJ systems, to keep the DJ happy, with a wide range of PA systems, to keep your audience happy.

Vinyl Playback: Technics 1200mk2/1210mk2 Based Hire Packages
Vinyl Playback: Technics 1200mk2/1210mk2 Based Hire Packages

Technics 1200mk2/1210mk2 Hire

For decades the Technic 1200mk2 (silver) or 1210mk2 (black) have been the cornerstone of DJ vinyl playback.

Ours come in idividual flight cases, with cart and styli. We also include a spare stylus on S.O.R., should the worst happen!

Hire Amplifiers and Speaker Packages
Already have decks and Mixer? Hire just Amplifier and Speakers!

Just "Amp and Speakers" hire

From miniscule to massive, we have a wide range of sound systems to cater for your audience.

These hire packages are perfect for those who already have a DJ or Band mixer front end, and just need amplifiers and speakers.

Band & PA Sound System Packages For Hire
Band & PA Sound System Packages For Hire

Band & PA System Packages

These systems inlcude a live sound mixer, great for bands and live music.

Included are a couple of mics with stands, and we have a wide range of specialist mics, for any instrument, which can be added on.

PA systems for Conferences and Meetings
PA Systems for Conferences and Meetings

PA Systems For Conferences

This selection of packages is perfect for making speeches to an audience

Conference PA is surprisingly challenging, so please feel free to contact us, to tailor a package to your exact needs

AV Equipment: Projectors, Screens and LCD Displays
Hire AV Equipment: Projectors, Screens and LCD Displays

AV Equipment Hire

We have a wide range of projectors, projection surfaces and screens, as well as LCD displays, with all the stands and brackets you need.

We also have all the peripherals you need for HD video mixing and then HD distribution around the venue.

Lighting for Parties
Effects Lighting For Parties and Events

Party Lighting Hire

From LED flower effects, LED strip lights to good old mirror balls and oil projectors, we have all you need.

We also have stands and clamps for all mounting solutions, and most are "sound active" for ease of deployment.

Venue and Architechtural Lighting Hire
Hire Lighting for Venues and Architechtural applications

Architechtural & Venue Lighting Hire

We stock a large number of uplighters, including outdoor IP rated luminaires.

These can be pre-programmed to any colour you want, or supplied with a DMX controller to allow patterns and colour scrolls

AV Equipment: Projectors, Screens and LCD Displays




AV Equipment: Projectors, Screens and LCD Displays




AV Equipment: Projectors, Screens and LCD Displays




If you are unsure about what sort of DJ, Disco, Band or karaoke equipment you require to hire, please feel free to ask any of our fully trained and experienced staff for assistance with choosing a suitable system, to meet all your needs and budget.

The majority of our work is "Dry Hire", i.e. you collect the equipment, and set it up yourself. We understand this is daunting for many people, but all our systems are simple to deploy, and we will guide you through correct setup and use, when you come to collect. We even issue reminder cheat sheets to help you if you forget! Dry hire is easy, and is cheaper than having us deliver and set up the equipment.

For larger systems, corporate events and conference work, we do offer a full production service, where we deliver, set-up and engineer the system for you. Please contact us for more details and a quotation.

We are always happy to demonstrate our sound and lighting equipment in our showroom to aid your choice. Please remember to book your equipment as soon as you are able to, in order to avoid disappointment.

We are only a phone call away - 020 8520 3401

Contact Us For More Help

Once you know what equipment you require, you can either call into our showroom or Phone us and leave a 50% Booking Fee of the hire cost in order to secure the equipment for the date required.

Bookings for Christmas Eve and the New Years Eve require full payment of the hire fee at point of booking, to guarantee availability.

Please note that the Booking Fee is non-refundable should you have to cancel for what ever reason.

Any hirers must be over 18 Years of age. We require a certain level of identification before we can hire equipment to you. We need to see 3 forms of positive identification on the day when you collect your hire equipment. Suitable identification includes:

  • Driving License
  • Gas Bill (Most Recent)
  • Electric Bill (Most Recent)
  • Telephone Bill (Most Recent)
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Passport
  • Rent Book
  • Council Tax Bill

or generally any official document that states both your name and current address. These documents must be current, i.e. within the last 2 months.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of insufficient or out of date identification, we will not be able to hire you any equipment.

Pioneer Nexus Systems have additional ID requirements, please contact us for more info

Whilst you are in possession of the hire equipment, we ask for a deposit amount. This amount varies depending on the quantity of equipment you are hiring. We accept this amount in cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or a cheque when supported by a valid guarantee card.

We are unable to accept multiple cheques attempting to cover larger deposit amounts in excess of your Cheque Guarantee card limit. This deposit is refundable once the equipment has been returned on time, undamaged and fully tested, subject to our normal hire conditions.

All hire equipment must be returned before 12.00 noon the following day, unless by prior arrangement.

By prior arrangement, for equipment collected on Saturdays, we can open for 30 minutes from 12.00 noon on Sundays to enable hire returns. If it is more convenient, we accept hire returns from Saturday, on Monday, before 12 Noon, for no extra charge.

By paying a booking deposit, this forms a contract between us and yourself. This contract obligates us to have your specific equipment (or equivalent) available for the date you have booked.

On your half of the contract it obligates you to collect the equipment using sufficient I.D. as required and with the appropriate funds required, as detailed.

However, should you have to cancel your hire, you will forfeit your booking deposit fee. Should you cancel your hire within 7 days of the hire collection date, you will also be responsible to pay any outstanding Hire Fee balance in full.

Please note that should you wish to transfer the original hire date, to an alternative date, this is possible without any financial loss, providing we are notified of the transfer (In writing) no later than 10 days prior to the original hire date. We are only able to transfer any booking once, after which normal financial penalties as stated above will apply.